Journal to the Self®

Start here to experience for yourself the powerful, positive impact journaling can have on your life.

This 6 week course provides a foundation for all other JourneySong journaling workshops by introducing a range of techniques to add depth and diversity to your writing practice.

Both new and established journal writers alike can benefit from this writing toolbox for creativity, personal growth and self-guided healing.

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Deep Dive Workshops

Once you are familiar with the tools and techniques that I work with, I invite you to use journaling and creative writing to delve into juicy topics and support you to embody the fullest expression of who you are.

We will dive into themes such as your relationship with your inner critic, creativity, intuition and physical health, within a small group setting.

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1:1 Mentoring

These personalised sessions are for you if you want guidance and structure for using writing to explore and express yourself and to celebrate joys and address challenges in different areas of your life.

Whether you are navigating a transition, facing obctacles or blocks in your creative process or wanting to find a deeper sense of peace and fulfilment, one-to-one mentoring can support you to find your way.

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Hear from workshop participants


“The journaling session with Roshnii was really helpful and gave me some valuable writing tools to help process and reflect on my journey a mother.  It was also really beautiful to be held in such a safe space by Roshnii as we shared and reflected on our writings together. I feel this will continue to be a supportive self care practice for me and overall it was a lovely session to attend!”


I was honoured to be part of the journaling session with Roshnii, the warm & judgement-free atmosphere she created was very valuable to me and the writing tools she shared were powerful. Thank you for this space to reflect.


“I’ve been wanting to journal for a while now. In this busy season of life I am in, it happens rarely.
I am grateful that Roshnii is providing space for me to do that.
It is good to hear about the topics others are going through, to realize we all share some of them and to bring them into perspective.

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About Roshnii

I am a mentor and journaling instructor with over 20 years experience using personal expressive writing as a tool to navigate the labyrinth of life.
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