Every blank page is an opportunity
for discovery

Journal to the Self® is a 6 week immersive online course in which you will be guided through 18 rich and diverse journaling techniques.
These techniques offer a path into personal enquiry, self-guided healing and provide tools for managing the different areas of your life, work and creative projects.

Join this course to…

  • Participate in 6 x 2hr live online sessions with an intimate group, guided by a certified instructor
  • Learn 18 journaling techniques for healing, growth and transformation
  • Receive your own copy of the Journal to the Self workbook
  • Benefit from a tried and tested approach that has supported thousands of people from around the world
  • Gain access to a private online space for your course group
  • Continue to experience the profound benefits of journaling through our monthly JourneySong Community Writing Circles

This course is for you if…

  • You want to write but feel daunted by the blank page
  • You are an avid journal writer looking for ways to bring depth and diversity to your personal writing practice
  • You’ve never kept a journal before but are curious how it might enrich your life
  • You are searching for ways to nourish and nurture yourself
  • You feel blocked, confused or frustrated in some area of your life, work or relationships
  • You are an artist or writer searching for new ways to generate creative ideas
  • You would like to record your inner and outer experiences for future writing or reflection
  • You are going through a transition in your life

About Roshnii

I am a mother, creative and mentor, conducting a life-long love affair with the written word.

When I first came across Journal to the Self more than a decade ago, I was amazed by the richness, depth and diversity these techniques brought to my already established journal writing practice.

As a certified instructor, my passion is to share these insightful and enjoyable techniques with you to support your journey towards creativity, growth and deeper understanding and acceptance of yourself.


The Journal to the Self course was originally developed in 1985 by Kathleen Adams, Director of the Center for Journal Therapy. It has since benefitted over 100,000 individuals from across the globe.

In-person Courses in Central Portugal

If you are more drawn to face-to-face interactions than Zoom calls, come and join a Journal to the Self group in-person in Portugal.

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