Creative Mentoring from the Heart

As human beings, creativity is one of the ways in which we make our mark upon the earth, find meaning in the melee and let a shimmer of our souls shine out.

Yet so often, this innate longing to share our unique gifts is thwarted by inner and outer critics: the choir master who said you couldn’t sing in tune; the art teacher who scoffed at your still life; the English professor who dissed your poetry.

Perhaps you tell yourself you’re too busy, not talented enough, not deserving of the time…and in doing so, a little part of you shuts down.

JourneySong is me casting my line to you across the vast seas. It is me saying: I am here! I see your gifts and I offer you mine.

For all the years – that I have scratched away in my journal, penned poems, sung my songs and smudged colour over blank pages, have brought me here – in service to creativity, throbbing through the veins of life.

As a mentor, I help shine a light upon the pathways that lead through your creative process. In our work together, we will call upon simple yet powerful tools, such as visualisation, experimental writing and drawing, as well as questions and deep listening, to draw out your inner wisdom and creativity or to enhance the practices that you are already exploring.

My role is not to critique your work but to give you inspiration and guidance when you need it and to help you navigate the experience and outcome of this alchemical journey.

Let’s journey together

We can work together through a series of online video calls that will help you find your creative path.

Each 60 minute call will be tailored to your needs and shaped around what is going on for you right now.

Get in touch, to arrange a free 20 minute introductory call to see if we are a good fit.

If you are a mother, read more about Free Your Creatress, my online mentoring service that supports women to delve into their creative lives alongside their parenting commitments.

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