Hi, I am Roshnii, a mother, writer, artist and mentor. Originally from the UK, my family and I moved to Central Portugal in 2014 to live closer to the elements.

I have been consciously living and breathing a life rooted in creativity and connection since 2001. By that I mean that since then, my focus has been on the magical intertwining of spirituality, creativity and personal transformation.

My love affair with writing

I have been fascinated by words and stories since I was a young child. At the age of 9, I started keeping a diary that charted the trajectory of my life from innocence, through the tumultuous transition of adolescence, into early adulthood.

At the age of nearly 19, I left the UK to travel in Asia and Australia for several months, determined to use my journal to faithfully document my experiences in foreign lands. Little did I know that I was unknowingly embarking on a deep spiritual quest.

In the last more than 20 years, I have cultivated an ever-evolving practice of meditation. It is the spirit of oneness and connection to all life that is the fertile ground that I return to for nourishment and inspiration.

So began my journey with personal expressive writing. Since that foggy day that my plane took off from Heathrow, my journal has been a constant companion in the ever-shifting landscape of life as a young woman; student; spiritual seeker; wife; mother of three; doula and birth mentor.

In 2007, I joined my first writing group, which became my hands-on training ground for therapeutic creative writing. I have been both a participant and facilitator of community writing groups ever since.

As I have charted my inner and outer explorations in my journal, it has also been a crucible for creativity; a bubbling cauldron of projects, poems, songs and drawings, each reflecting where I have been at that moment in time.

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Wherever life takes me, the labyrinth brings me spiralling back to writing again and again. Now, with a clear purpose to share what I have gained through more than 20 years of lived experience: the insights, realisations, clarity and compassion that come when we put pen to page and let the words flow.

It is this lifelong love affair with the written word and a deep commitment to personal growth that I bring to my work.

My background

With an academic background in languages and education, I love to communicate and shape ideas.

Through my work as a doula, I have learned to hold space for people as they traverse one of the most immense rites of passage we humans face – becoming a parent.

As a mentor, I support my clients to dig out the diamonds from the dust by tapping into their inner wisdom and finding meaningful direction and solutions in the face of life’s opportunities and challenges.

In my work as Arts and Communications Lead with Systems Change Alliance, I explored how artists and writers can play a role in our collective shift towards truly regenerative cultures and systems. I am fascinated by the intersection between personal and social transformation.

I am a member of the International Association of Journal Writers and Lapidus International.

Journal to the Self

When I first read Journal to the Self, by Kathleen Adams, over a decade ago, I breathed a deep sigh of relief. It felt like coming home. Kathleen’s intuitive, eclectic and empowering approach to journal writing resonated with every cell of my being.

Now, as a Journal to the Self instructor, I am passionate about sharing the writing techniques that have enriched and deepened my own journaling practice.

Find out how you can join me on this journey of self-discovery and to find your way with words.

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