Giving you voice to sing your life’s journey.

The process of creative writing is intrinsically therapeutic. By putting words on the page, you remove them one step from your mind, which allows you to view thoughts, feelings and ideas from a fresh perspective.

For many years, I have been using the written word to create prose and poetry and to document, delve into and resolve the twists and turns on life’s inner and outer journey.

JourneySong brings together tools, techniques and insights that I have gleaned along the way to help you on your own journey of using writing as a tool for self expression and exploration.

In the blog, you’ll find creative writing exercises, journaling techniques and my own reflections on writing as a practice for personal development.

It is also the gateway to workshops, courses and one-to-one sessions I offer on the subject of creative writing and journaling, as well as Feed Your Creatress, my online mentoring service for mothers wanting to explore their own creative process.

You are invited to share your own work and reflections in the comments.

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