There are No Rules

there are no rules

What I love about journaling is that there are no rules.

You can choose when, where and how often to write and what form your writing, scribbling or drawing takes.

Some people like to commit to writing at regular intervals such as daily or weekly or to record the main events or themes of a particular month, year or season.

You can write letters, conversations – real or imagined, stream of consciousness. You can capture important moments, brainstorm creative ideas, write from a prompt or an image. The possibilities are endless.

And even if you write on the same topic ten times, each time will be unique.

What is beautiful is that you express your truth in that moment, whether that is blissful and serene or ranting and raging. Your journal never judges you, only welcomes what you bring.

Personally, I pick up my journal whenever I wish to record, express, explore or validate something that’s going on for me.

This may be several times in one day; a few times in a week or, in more busy times of my life, less frequently.

Whenever and whatever I write, I always make a note of the date, my menstrual cycle day and/or the moon phase, so that when I look back, I can understand how these different elements have influenced my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state.

Sometimes, I may just write a few words that feel important to note down. Other times, I write several pages.

One golden rule, and perhaps the only one when it comes to journaling, is to date your entries. Dating your writing, no matter whether it’s in a beautifully bound notebook or on a paper napkin, will enable you to piece together your writing and reflections for months and years to come.

Whether you embrace that ‘rule’ or not, you are free to use your journal in any way you choose to document your inner and outer experiences.

Being faced with a blank page, however, can be daunting. And no matter how many times you hear that journaling is beneficial, you may still find yourself wondering what to write.

If that’s the case for you, you may enjoy the Journal to the Self course, which introduces a diverse collection of writing techniques that can help you find your writing flow and explore different ways to use journaling as a tool for healing, growth and self-expression.

On 12th December, 2022, I am running a free journaling workshop as a taster for Journal to the Self. Come along and experience for yourself how journaling might be supportive and beneficial in your life. Register here

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