Reclaim and reframe your relationship to that internal negative voice

Online workshop: 5-7.30pm GMT, Sunday, 19th February (via Zoom)

In-person workshop*: 6-8.30pm GMT, Wedsnesday 22nd February (Benfeita, Portugal)

The elusive Inner Critic seems to be an amalgamation of all the limiting and crushing beliefs that we have taken on during our lifetimes. It wants you to stand out from the crowd with your excellence and yet it doesn’t want you to take up the space you deserve. It tells you to be more creative, attractive, productive, clever, but it is never satisfied with the results. In short, it is never happy!

Yet somewhere behind the thorny insults and criticism, the Inner Critic does have your best interests at heart. It just doesn’t know how to tell you.

In this 2.5 hour journaling workshop, we will work through a series of writing exercises that enable you to gain a deeper understanding of the nature of your inner critic and how to engage with it in a healthy, empowered way.

Roshnii is the perfect person to guide you gently into your own inner workings through journaling techniques. Only by feeling safe and secure in a space can you open up to what wants to come through in wiritng and this space is the ideal place to do so.

Fran, Inner Critic workshop participant

*To book a place for the in-person workshop, send me an email

By taking the conversation out of your head and on to the page, you are able to clear your mind, gain perspective and record your insights.

The techniques that you will experiment with are tools that you can continue to use in your life to evolve and strengthen a positive relationship with your Inner Critic.

No previous writing experience is necessary, just a willingness to put pen to paper and a curiosity as to what will emerge.

The workshop is limited to 10 participants with an emphasis on creating an intimate and safe space.

I left the session giggling, able to see this part of me in a totally different, much more compassionate, gentle light. I was able to meet this aspect of me with humour, something I could have never imagined possible. I now have the incredibly valuable tool of hearing the wisdom amongst the scared utterances of the childlike protectors of our comfort zones; to hold it with compassion, and then having the boundaries of adult reasoning to make progress.

Evie, Inner Critic workshop participant

*To book a place for the in-person workshop, send me an email

Please note, while this can be a sensitive and evocative topic, this is not a group process or therapy session. Each participant is asked to take responsibility for their experience and sharing is optional and encouraged but limited so that everyone in the group has the opportunity to contribute.

About the facilitator, Roshnii Rose

Roshnii has been journaling for more than 20 years and facilitating writing for personal development for the last decade. She is a certified mentor and Journal to the Self instructor, passionate about sharing writing tools that empower others to live fully and authentically.

No stranger to the Inner Critic, Roshnii has found journaling to be an essential ingredient in turning around her relationship with this pesky, nagging presence so that it can no longer sabotage her capacity to express herself and her creativity freely.

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