What is Magic?

Magic is opening my eyes each morning from my sleeping dreams to the waking dream. It’s the silver stream meandering through mossy rocks in summer time. It’s the wildflowers in early May; the rugged path I walk that cuts through the hillside.

Magic is creativity, pure and unbridled, pushing through me with unstoppable force, fuelled by pure, loving consciousness – it is paint on canvas, a poem forming on the page, a new song playing on my lips.

Magic is all around me; the hugs and kisses with my children. The light in their eyes.

What is Magic to you? Put pen to paper and find out!

Set a timer for 3 or 5 mins, start with the words ‘Magic is…’ and write without thinking too much or censoring what comes through.

I’d love to hear some of your words or reflections in the comments.

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