On Woman

Below is a 5 minute free write I did, starting with the words ‘Woman is…’ as a celebration for International Women’s Day today.

Why not have a go yourself to see what is evoked in you? Sit quietly with your breath and the words ‘Woman is…’ for a few moments before starting. Allow the words to flow without censoring and see what comes…

Woman is a fire untamed; the wild earth, the rising wind. She is strong, powerful, enchanting – the living goddess.

Woman is sweet softness, receptivity, mother and hearth. She is an open book, a silent story; a witch, a queen, a sorceress.

Woman is the magical intertwining of wisdom and innocence – solid as stone, flowing as the river.

She has been crushed, enslaved, denigrated, but she rises again and again, phoenix from the ashes with a renewed force and revived spirit.

Woman is daughter, sister, aunt, mother and grandmother. She is wise, kind, a healer, a sacred channel of life. She makes home a place to rest and breathes creativity into all she weaves.

Without woman, we are nothing – unborn and unsung.

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