Celebrating with your Journal

‘I am celebrating…’

This is a simple prompt I return to again and again to acknowledge the things that are going well in my life or to celebrate my capacity to handle the things that aren’t going so well!

Before starting to write, take a few moments to be with your breath and consider what you’d like to celebrate today, no matter how large or small. Every achievement is valuable. Or you may simply want to celebrate who you are and other elements in your life.

Allow any words, images or feelings to arrive as you invite in this practice of celebration.

Then set a timer for 5 minutes and write continuously without over-thinking or censoring. It can be in list form or in prose, whatever works for you.

Afterwards, you can read through what you’ve written and write a short reflection for yourself about how the writing has impacted you by evoking a feeling or a realisation, for example.

Happy celebrating!

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