When do you feel free?

Take five minutes with a pen and paper today to muse upon the moments when you feel free. You may discover that there are some simple things you can weave into each day to bring a greater sense of freedom to your life and your experience or you may shed some light on the elements in your life that are inhibiting your freedom.

To get the most out of this journaling practice, take some moments to close your eyes or lower your gaze, take some conscious breaths and notice what feelings, words or images come into your awareness when you contemplate the times when you feel free.

When you are ready, set a timer for 5 minutes, and write freely and continuously, starting with the words, ‘I feel free when…’

Allow whatever comes to flow onto the page without censoring or editing and follow up by reading what you have written and writing a short reflection for yourself about what you notice or feel when you read it back.

Happy writing!

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