Love is…

Love is wild, free, contagious, expansive, always, forever, without limits or boundaries. It costs nothing. Everyone deserves it. Whether you’re rich, poor, black, white, it lives within you in every cell, beating, expanding, growing. It brings connection, melts barriers, overcomes obstacles.

It is all we need to tap into to feel well and happy. Nobody can take it away because it is inside us, flowing from the well. Love is life. It underlies everything.

Love is open, honest, true, beautiful, a walk in the woods, the sun setting behind mountains, the flow of a stream, the birds singing, light moving through trees, casting shadows.

Love inhabits all places, internal and external. Without it we die. It is the life force that animates all things and lives within all stillness. It is singing, laughter, scent of flower nectar, swimming in the ocean. My heart beating, my blood flowing. It is consciousness. It is infinite.

What will your meditation on Love be today? Journal with the prompt ‘Love is…’ for 5 minutes and see what flows through you.

Happy Love Day x

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