Voices from the MotherVerse Q & A Series #12: Karolina Dumala

To me, beauty, love and life are the purpose of our time here. ‘Make beauty together’, is my motto really.”

1. Describe your current family situation

I am a mother of a 10 year old home educated boy, Antek.

2. In your eyes, what does ‘creativity’ mean and why is it important to you?

Creativity is a big and important part of our life. When your mind is creative, you see your life with more colour and certainly I am never bored.

3. How do you carve out time and space within family life for your creative practice?

We live creatively, Antek and I. Since he was only 6 months old, I gave him different, ideas, techniques and tools to engage his creativity. When he was one year old, while I would prepare breakfast he would be sitting in the kitchen and painting on a canvas with oil paints. Many of his paintings from that period are really good – and I know because I’m trained in art and currently an art teacher. I can still see different meaning in these works, with him considering shapes, colours and ideas that still work.

When he was 8 years old he illustrate the book, Skąd się biorą bajki?, which was published in Poland with his 150 drawings. Now his passion is artistic design in many formats, illustration, cartoons and films.

4. What kind of creative activities do you feel drawn to again and again?

Hmm… On any day, different ideas drive my time and that of my son. Possibly, most important to me is the concept of beauty, which we both find in life, in the living world in our shared world with our friends. To me, beauty, love and life are the purpose of our time here. ‘Make beauty together’, is my motto really.

5. How do you get inspiration flowing when you feel stuck?

I always look inwards to see how I am feeling and what makes me excited and happy. Often it is the natural world, little things, shapes, designs and stories that make me happy, or interested to explore further.

6. In what ways do you sabotage your own creative life?

My whole life is a creative experiment, so the sabotage aspect only comes in when I am not living truthfully. Truthful to myself and my son, truthful to the beauty around us, even when living in London!

7. Who or what are your creative allies or mentors?

No one person in particular, although, I love certain artists, like Hieronim Bosh, Salvador Dali, Nicolas Roerich. 

8. How would you describe the relationship between your creativity and your mothering?

To be a mother is to be creative, it’s the essence of mothering. To inspire and nurture your child makes life powerful and full of wonder and beauty. Care for my son and for others inspires me.

9. To what extent does your creative work generate a financial income for your family? How does this reality compare to your aspirations around this?

My income is derived from my work as a Life Coach, Designer / WordPress developer, Art teacher and I am working in Ceramic Cafe. I feel lucky that all my work is creative and I enjoy all of them.

10. What would you say to a mother who is struggling to express herself in the midst of her family commitments?

I think everyone is different, so it depends on each mother. Most of all relax, love your life, nurture your child’s imagination to deal with anything, dream for each other and create something beautiful together.

11. Big yourself up, sister – share your current / most exciting projects, web and social media links:

I am now working as a Life Coach. If you’d like to work with me, contact me on:

+ 44 7737 709324 / karolina.dumala[at]yahoo.co.uk or visit Kaya Life coaching

To find out more about my art work with children, see Art Explorer – Kids’ Art classes

I am 40 years old, born in Warsaw, Poland. I studied at the Fine Art Academy in Lodz, Poland and Sound engineering for theatre, movies and TV in Warsaw. I now work in a Ceramics Cafe in London and run private art classes for children. I am a graphic designer and WordPress developer and recently trained as a Life Coach. 

In my life, I’ve had many different jobs that have given me experience, like being a clown to entertain children or organising a big exhibition in central London, Earl’s Court. Another job I really enjoyed was having my own program for 4 years in radio station called Radiostacja. I was a DJ for many years. At that time I was lucky to play on stage with good musicians like Milo Kurtis, Wallis Buchanan and Lech Janerka. I had my own night club in Warsaw called Deep. In my free time I love to do oil painting and make jewellery.

I have been living in London for 15 years and now trying to spend my free time in a beautiful  community in Portugal. Where I have found myself so connected to nature and beautiful people without ego. I am mum to a 10 year old boy and I enjoy my life every day. I love nature and try to live in harmony.

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