Voices from the MotherVerse Q & A Series #4: Moyra Scott

“To be creative is to be utterly in the present and open. It is a form of meditation for me that I find incredibly nourishing on a soul level.”

1. Describe your current family situation

I am married with one son who is now 11.

2. In your eyes, what does ‘creativity’ mean and why is it important to you?

Creativity is the ability to make something out of nothing, and play with ideas. It is a place where anything can happen, unbound by rules of reality. It is where ideas collide and yet still make sense. It is important because it is where we come up with new ideas or solutions to problems. To me, it is a mindspace, where we are improvising, where we don’t know what is going to happen next. It is very, very present tense, and to be creative is to be utterly in the present and open. It is a form of meditation for me that I find incredibly nourishing on a soul level.

3. How do you carve out time and space within family life for your creative practice?

I get up early and write my morning pages. I have a small piece of vinyl tablecloth that I lay down on our bedroom floor and get the paints out. I run classes and workshops and do exhibitions – this gives me the accountability to create. I need that.

4. What kind of creative activities do you feel drawn to again and again?

I love to paint. That is my favourite ever space to be. I love art journaling, which is a personal creative pratice, and combines journaling, free writing, collage and painting. I art journal when I can’t paint. Sometimes I art journal anyway. Other than that, dance is a great love of mine.

5. How do you get inspiration flowing when you feel stuck?

I dance. I meditate. I art journal. I stand on my head (yoga!)

6. In what ways do you sabotage your own creative life?

I procrastinate and find it hard to settle down to creative time.

7. Who or what are your creative allies or mentors?

In the real world, my students – or fellow creatives. My mentors are Flora Bowley, Keri Smith, Orly Avniveri, Erin Faith Allen, Tracy Verdugo and pinterest.

8. How would you describe the relationship between your creativity and your mothering?

Interesting. It is my solace and nourishment. In being creative I fill up my own well so that I have more to offer my child and my family.

9. To what extent does your creative work generate a financial income for your family? How does this reality compare to your aspirations around this?

I get about half of my income from my creative side. And I probably generate about a third of the family income. I aspire to sell more paintings!

10. What would you say to a mother who is struggling to express herself in the midst of her family commitments?

Take up Art Journaling.

11. Big yourself up, sister – share your current / most exciting projects, web and social media links:

I am exhibiting my paintings at the Waterloo Square gallery in Alfriston, Sussex, 20-29th July, 2019.
I do Empowered Portrait Commissions 
My latest workshop is called Be Your Own Icon, where you create your own Empowered Portrait.
I am running a mini version of this in person: Be Your Own Icon event at RestFest on Sunday, 6th October 2019.
I am launching Be Your Own Icon as an online art experience – contact me for upcoming dates!
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Instagram: @moyrascott


Hello. I’m Moyra Scott.

I am passionate about creativity, productivity, presence and flow.

I work with individuals and small groups to help them get unstuck, grow their capacity and make more time for what they really, really want to be doing.

As an artist and a person who loves to get things done, I’ve discovered the need for both a right brain and a left brain approach. I adore being wildly creative and as such I am a proliferator – I generate masses of ideas and images – but I have found that without structure it all gets messy and out of control. So, as well as creating art and ideas, over the years, I’ve learned tools and strategies to get organised, keep motivated, and get stuff done.

I coach, teach, educate and train.  I’ve worked with creative entrepreneurs, academics, digital agencies, councils, media corporations and universities.

I’ve been coaching and teaching for 8 years.

I have been creative since before I can remember.



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