Voices from the MotherVerse Q & A Series #2: Morgan Nichols

“My creativity allows me to approach mothering in a fresh way and my mothering has massively inspired my creativity, opening me up much more to life and to the importance of each moment…”

  1. Describe your current family setup:
    I have an 11 year old son who has lived with his father since he was 10 (lived with me before that). I see him every 3 weeks or so due to geographical distance, work commitments and finances.
  2. In your eyes, what does ‘creativity’ mean and why is it important to you?
    Allowing the great spirit to move through me for healing, expression and beauty. It’s important to me because it makes me feel whole and it enables me to connect with nature, life, and others more deeply as well as with myself.
  3. How do you carve out time and space within family life for your creative

    When I was a single mother with 90 % residential care of my son, I used time when he was with his dad to do creative practice. I’d support myself with structures like going to writing groups or meeting with other like-minded women, or doing online courses. Nowadays it’s even more of a challenge working full time again and i actually have less time than I did as a part-time working single mom! I end up working on my book on train rides, snatching moments.
  4. What kind of creative activities do you feel drawn to again and again?
    Writing, singing, songwriting
  5. How do you get inspiration flowing when you feel stuck?
    Free flow – free writing exercises or making up spontaneous songs while a friend or partner plays guitar, just singing about the day or whatever comes. Spending time in nature is a big help. Getting my body moving – dance, walking, free movement. Reading something inspiring – a poem or a novel.
  6. In what ways do you sabotage your own creative life?
    Prioritising other things all the time, mainly, because of not believing in the importance of my creativity enough. Putting out work too early sometimes so that the inner critic is activated by others’ criticism.
  7. Who or what are your creative allies or mentors?
    Natalie Goldberg, Julia Cameron, Gabrielle Roth, my friend Laura who’s an amazing songwriter and singer.
  8. How would you describe the relationship between your creativity and your mothering?
    They feed into each other. My creativity allows me to approach mothering in a fresh way and my mothering has massively inspired my creativity, opening me up much more to life and to the importance of each moment when before I would squander time and perhaps not do as much with the inspiration that comes my way. 
  9. To what extent does your creative work generate a financial income for your family? How does this reality compare to your aspirations around this?
    Not at all, but I’m happy with this. I would prefer creative freedom, and tying money to creativity for me can block this.  I use creativity in my paid work but not the same kind as my own writing.
  10. What would you say to a mother who is struggling to express herself in the midst of her family commitments?
    Keep going, be patient with yourself, fill your well, remember you have something unique to say, and every little bit matters.
  11. Big yourself up, sister – share your current / most exciting projects, web and social media links:
    My book in progress, a memoir of my year travelling in a van and visiting sacred sites, exploring conscious relationship and nature connection. I have a related blog at www.morganknichols.com/blog.


I am a freelance writer, poet, singer-songwriter, author and editor with a background in academia and research. My non-fiction book, ‘Wild Motherhood: Tending Your Creative Fire’ explores the intersection of motherhood, spirituality and creativity in the lives of women. For over a decade, I have run regular writing workshops, including creative writing workshops specifically for mothers. I have published poetry in several journals and magazines – see >morgannichols.contently.com for selected clips.  I am currently working on my second book, a memoir following my experiences of nomadic living, conscious relating and mothering on the margins. You ca read my blog related to this at www.morganknichols.com/blog.

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