What people have said about working with Roshnii…

“I was honoured to be part of the journaling session with Roshnii, the warm & judgement-free atmosphere she created was very valuable to me and the writing tools she shared were powerful. Thank you for this space to reflect.

Deborah, Workshop participant

It is good to hear about the topics others are going through, to realize we all share some of them and to bring them into perspective.”

Laura, Journaling Circle participant

“I know how rich and healing a journaling experience can be, but it’s often hard to commit to it on my own. I’m super grateful for the loving space Roshnii provides, because I can simply lean back and let myself be guided by her into an exploration of my deep self. Her sessions help me digest what’s going on in my life, so I come out much more settled and peaceful.”

Lisa, Journaling Circle participant

“The journaling session with Roshnii was really helpful and gave me some valuable writing tools to help process and reflect on my journey a mother. It was really beautiful to be held in such a safe space by Roshnii as we shared and reflected on our writings together. I feel this will continue to be a supportive self care practice for me and overall it was a lovely session to attend!”

Gabriella, Workshop participant

I would really recommend Roshnii’s journaling explorations if you want to delve deeper into your subconscious and gain insights into what is happening below the surface. I have learnt so much about myself and will continue to use the prompts within my own practices.”

Gemma, 1:1 client

“I’m not someone who normally seeks writing as a way to process my feelings and experiences but I reached out to Roshnii as I had a feeling she could help and I was right.

The session was extremely insightful and revealing. I really enjoyed the way we built up to a dialogue between two parts of my inner psyche using different short writing exercises and the dialogue itself was very powerful. I will definitely use these tools again.

Roshnii was thoughtful and supportive, gently guiding me through each step. I found her intuitive and responsive to my questions and moments when I felt wobbly. I would definitely book another session with her in the future. I feel the tools she has to share and her personal experience of using them have a big impact.”

Supriya, 1:1 client

My journaling session with Roshnii was such a grounding and thought provoking practice.
She introduced me to a variety of different exercises that helped me let go a little more and enjoy the process of writing.
I find that with journaling there is a lot less pressure to create something perfect than in other creative writing practices and Roshnii very much created that space for expression over perfection.
I will continue to use and value the tools that she showed me for reflective writing and would recommend a session with her to anybody who wanted input or inspiration in their journaling practice.

Bella, 1:1 client

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