Join a 28 day journey of writing for self-discovery

Dose up on self-love, commit to self-care, unveil deep truths and kickstart a powerful personal growth practice

Inspired by the archetypal heroic journey, this month-long quest invites you into an alchemical exploration of the most familiar and hidden parts of yourself.


Here is how it works:

~ For each day of February, I will offer you a journaling prompt within the private community of a Telegram* messaging group

~ Each daily writing practice will take around 10 minutes in total

~ You choose if, when and how much you wish to share in the group

~ Twice during the month, there is an opportunity to meet live via Zoom

~ You can participate from anywhere in the world, at the times that work for you

It’s as simple as that

What you receive:

All for only 28 Euros

A beautiful opportunity and a welcoming community await you, for only 1 euro a day 😉

Use the button below to sign up via Eventbrite. Once you have registered, you will receive the invite links for the private Telegram group and Zoom calls.

*Telegram is a private messaging app that you can install on your phone or computer.

Hello, I’m Roshnii, your guide for the 28 day Journaling Quest.

I am a mother, writer, mentor and certified journaling instructor with over 20 years experience in using writing as a tool for personal evolution, creative expression and finding clarity and direction.

I’d love to accompany you on your own path of self-discovery as we dive deep into a daily journaling practice together.

Read more about me

Praise for the 28 day Journaling Quest

“Taking part in a 28 day journaling quest with Roshnii has given me a deeper understanding of my inner world.” ~ Julia

Journalling with Roshnii felt like a journey to my wise Self. I felt continuously surprised by the wise words that streamed out of me and that now had a voice through my journalling with these powerful prompts.” ~ Andi

“The hero’s journaling journey with Roshnii was a month long joyful inspiration. The 10 minutes a day felt really doable, the (online) sharing with the group encouraging and the two meetings uplifting and connecting. It uncovered interesting aspects about my self and my life’s journey and showed me what a daily writing practice could mean for me. Roshnii’s guidance is clear, real and inspirational. ” ~ Else

The 28 day Journaling Quest is suitable for both established and aspiring journal writers alike. No previous experience is necessary, just a curiosity to explore what happens when we put pen to paper with an open heart and mind.

If you’d like more information, reach out via my contact page. I’m happy to answer your questions.

I look forward to journeying with you!

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