Courses & Workshops

Monthly Creative Writing Group

Back to the Future
10am-1pm, Sunday, 8th September, Benfeita, Portugal

Join us for a morning of creative writing at the tranquil Casa do Sobreiro.

This month’s theme is Back to the Future.

We will be exploring paths and possibilities that take us into future realities of our selves and societies.

The main spoken language is English but you can write in whichever language is most comfortable for you.

You are invited (but not obliged) to suggest 1-2 writing exercises for the group based on the theme so that together we guide the creative experience. These can be as instructive or open as you wish, for poetry or prose.

Whether you have been writing all your life or haven’t picked up a pen in years, you are warmly welcome.

Bring pen, paper, any other materials you need for your exercises and an open and inquisitive mind.

Participation is free. Contact me for more details.