Work with me


If your curiosity and inspiration are sparked by what you find here, or if you are in need of resolution or direction and feel that writing might help you on your way, I am available to accompany you on your writing journey.

I work with creative writing and journaling (personal, reflective writing) as tools to help you:

  • tell your own story
  • explore a myriad of themes
  • move through creative blocks and playfully generate new ideas
  • find solutions and direction in times of transition or change
  • liberate and work through challenging emotions
  • reframe your experiences
  • gain confidence as a writer

We experiment with a range of written forms and techniques that might be helpful for your particular circumstances or the theme we are exploring.

I work in two ways:

  • In one-to-one sessions either online (through skype or similar software) or in person (I am currently based in central Portugal). These 60-90min sessions are tailored to your personal needs and will combine different tools and exercises according to what you are looking for.

If you are a mother, read more about Free Your Creatress, my online mentoring service that supports women to delve into their creative process alongside their parenting commitments.

Contact me directly to book a free introductory call or to find out more.

  • With groups around themes. When you sign up to a group, you will be sent weekly writing exercises over a given period, which you complete in your own time. The group then meets online to share their experiences. Participants are invited, though not obliged, to share their work and give thoughtful, constructive feedback to one another.

See courses and workshops for the group themes on offer over the coming months. Or get in touch if you have any questions.

The aim of this type of writing is not to please an audience. Although some of what you create may be beautiful, evocative, edgy or thought-provoking and you may wish to share or publish it in some manner.

My role is not to critique your work but to give you inspiration and guidance when you need it and to help you navigate the experience and outcome of this alchemical process.

You can read my story to find out about me and how I came to start JourneySong.