connect to your truth, unleash your creativity,
find clarity & purpose
through personal expressive writing

Journal to the Self®

For new and established journal writers alike, this 6 week course introduces a range of techniques to add depth and diversity to your writing practice.
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Deep Dive Workshops

Exploratory workshops where we use journaling practices to delve into juicy topics and support you to become the fullest expression of who you are.
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1:1 Mentoring

Private sessions tailored for you.
As a mentor, I help shine a light upon the pathways that lead through your creative process of self-enquiry.
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Podcast Coming Soon

Learn how to use writing to connect to your deepest self, to others and the thrumming web of life.

Write to Connect is a unique, participatory podcast in which you will be guided through themed journaling exercises and explore how we can use words to create a culture grounded in creativity and connection.

About Roshnii

I am a mentor and journaling instructor with over 20 years experience using personal expressive writing as a tool to navigate the labyrinth of life.
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