The MotherVerse is the space within JourneySong dedicated to the creative lives of mothers around the world.

If you are a mother giving out a lot and having trouble filling your own cup, connect with me to help Feed Your Creatress.

You can hear what women are saying about motherhood and creativity in the Q & A series Voices from the MotherVerse.

I am asking mothers for whom creativity is an essential element in their daily lives to share their thoughts on topics such as:

  • Creating time and space for creative practices
  • The relationship between creativity and mothering
  • Generating inspiration to move through blocks
  • How we sabotage our own creative endeavours
  • Creative allies and mentors
  • Making a living through our creative work

If you are a creative mother and you’d like to participate in an interview, please get in touch. I’d love to hear from you.

It is a service to humanity to share these women’s voices and to recognise the gifts they are offering to the world, because they are at the heart of our homes and communities.

The MotherVerse Project aims to support women to strike a healthy balance between nurturing their inner creative lives, the health of their families and their wider responsibilities.

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