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The third person flash bio:

Born London, 1982. Roshnii starts to write at age five.
A meditating linguist and teacher becomes unschooling mother of three.
Since 2007, facilitates creative writing workshops and groups for all ages.
Writer, poet, songwriter, blogger and active community member.
She is a doula, passionate about conscious pregnancy, birth, parenting and human rights in childbirth.
In 2019, Roshnii launches JourneySong to share creative tools for personal development.

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Or, if you prefer, the more intimate, prosaic, first person version…

Born in 1982, I grew up, the youngest of three, to Jewish South African parents in north-west London. My aspirations to be a writer started at the age of five.

As a young adult I set off on a semi-solo backpacking adventure in Asia and Australia. It was a formative time in which I began my dedicated journaling journey and also unknowingly embarked on a deep spiritual quest.

My love of language took me on to study French and Hispanic studies at Liverpool university. Where I serendipitously fell into the lap of a yogic guru and the discipline of tantric meditation.
It was during the early tentative steps on this spiritual path, at my first meditation retreat, that I met my future husband, Prem.

After a 6 month honeymoon in India, I trained as a primary school teacher at Goldsmiths College, London, as a way in to working in the field of alternative education.

We moved to Brighton in 2007, where I began to enhance my personal writing practice by attending workshops and courses with writer and mentor, Sharon Zink.
The reality of teaching life, however, was not as rosy as I had envisioned. After my first grueling year working at a local alternative school, I planned my resignation in order to follow a master’s degree in Creative Writing for Personal Development.
The Universe had other plans.
I became pregnant.
Instead of continuing down the academic route, I joined a writing group, which instead became my hands-on training ground for therapeutic creative writing.

The birth of my eldest son, Surya, and my own birth as a mother, turned my world around, literally and metaphorically. Eventually, my spiritual practice and perspective were thrown into question as I dived into an inner exploration of my relationship to the Sacred Feminine through women’s work and the Red Tent movement.

Having stepped off the career ladder, I channeled my energy into my growing family and community initiatives. In the realm of writing, I found outlets with Morgan Nichols and Mothers Uncovered.
I helped establish a conscious parenting network and gained experience facilitating women’s circles.
In 2011, before the birth of my second son, Kalyan, I trained as a doula with Michel Odent.

In 2014, my husband, two sons and I moved to Portugal to realise a long-held dream of living on the land.
Here, I gave birth to my daughter, Sashi and, as a doula and certified birth mentor, started supporting women, their partners and families through the transformative journey of pregnancy, birth and early parenthood.

Blessed to be part of a thriving local community in Benfeita. I have co-created a local monthly women’s circle and a creative writing group.

JourneySong has evolved out of a lifetime of passion for creative work combined with my own ongoing strive to deepen the connection to my authentic self and Universal Consciousness.

You can find my writing on my personal blog,

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